Buying FP2 to be used in Japan


I have to buy a new phone and was thinking to switch to FP2. I live in Japan and the service provider I use is Docomo. Related to this, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Do you ship to Japan?
  2. Do you have any info if Japanese SIM cards, preferably Docomo`s, are compatible with FP2?

I know the last question must sound silly but I experienced that some phones are locked to Japanese network, won`t work in Japan…

Thank you for the info,

  1. Fairphone does not ship outside of Europe so you’ll need someone to forward it to you.
  2. You can check though Docomo is not listed there - is that the name of the provider?

That probably is “NTT docomo”.

Paul: thank you for the info. I think I can find someone to ship it to Japan.

Garry, Paul: Yes, it is NTT Docomo.


Great, I had overlooked that one.