Buy a FP3 and get cash back for recycling old phone: Why are some countries excluded?

On buying a FP2, Fairphone offers you to get some cash back if you return your older phone (Recycle your phone - Fairphone).

But why are some countries excluded (e.g. Switzerland) ?

From Switzerland, this sounds particularly unfair regarding that 1 FP2 out of 10 was sold in Switzerland …


Thanks for asking @mathieuS, I’ve got the same question…

My bet is on customs, both in terms of documentation required for shipping as well as duties and taxes potentially due, making this unviable.


I got the same question. I don’t even need money, I would just like to have my Fairphone 2 recycled as it is absolutely useless to me now. Isn’t there a way to send it to the Fairphone company?

It might be a legal issue.
I just tried to check for Switzerland.
They have the Verordnung über die Rückgabe, die Rücknahme und die Entsorgung elektrischer und elektronischer Geräte (VREG) and the Verordnung über den Verkehr mit Abfällen (VeVA). The VeVA in chapter 3 regulates the cross-border traffic with waste. And it seems rather complicated. I am not sure, if this concerns phone-recycling as well, but it at least seems to do so.
Possibly the neccessary permits and certificates were not easy to achieve and quite expensive as well.
Of course it’s all just guesswork and I might be completely wrong.
(As I don’t speak Norwegian, I can not check the legal situation there.)

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