Button came loose from rim

The front part (rim) holds the (coloured) buttons. The buttons are attached to the rim on two points. In my case some buttons are loose on one of those points, and I cannot get them back attached. You have to get the stretchable opening of the button over some mushroom knob of the rim.
Is there a trick to this?


I guess it takes patience and trying. I know it’s tricky.

Maybe you can remove the cartridge from a ball-pen and use just the small steely empty tip of the ball-pen to press the stretchable part onto the knob?

I also found in the past that sometimes just one of the stretchable ends is harder to fit onto its knob than the other. I think I remember that it was sometimes easier to get it back on if the whole button and stretchable holder were removed and I started with the tricky end and only reconnected the “good” end after that.


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