Bumper and FP3 backcase wanted

Looking for a Bumper and an FP3 Case

Hi. I am a quite clumsy Fairphone user. And I have small hands, so the FP3+ falls out of my hands A LOT. I am scared every time that the screen will crack… I think that bumpers would protect my screen better than the FP3 backcase from the shock.
Does anyone want to sell their FP3 bumpers? And maybe additionally the backcase? Can’t hurt to be double protected :smiley:

I am living in Germany.

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.

If “backcase” means the Fairphone 3 protective case, then it will only fit your FP3+ without the bumper, not on top of it. They can only be used instead of each other, not combined.


Hi urs_lesse, thanks for your answer. I did mean the FP3 protective case, but was thinking about buying it and putting the bumpers on top of the case, not the other way around.
Do you think that is possible?

It is not possible. The bumper is not elastic enough for that. It would be like putting the bumper on top of another bumper.


Good to know:D thanks for the info.

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