Bulk Order / Sammelbestellung Switzerland

Hi everyone

I would like to order a new cover for my fairphone, but it’s simply too expensive with the shipping costs. Therefore I’m looking for people in Switzerland who need to order as well! The city doesn’t matter to me, since I’m travelling around in the country regularly.

Cheers, Soph


The swiss reseller Faircustomer should have covers in stock.

And maybe someone from the Swiss Fairphone communities needs something? (atm only @novski)

Faircustomer only has the old case (as far as I’ve seen). You can find the new one on Digitec or at a nicer store: Why! open computing.


Hello there, thanks a lot for your answers! Most resellers sell it at a price where it doesn’t make a difference anymore if I buy it there or order at fairphone. Only this Why! open computing seems to be a little bit cheaper, thanks a lot for this! still I will wait a few more days to see if some other fellow Swiss need something :wink:

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