Building LineageOS for FP4

Yvonne, I didn’t want it to take too long.
I’m just surprised that there is no LOS version yet, although there are /e/OS and iodé based on LOS. Since it should be theoretically feasible to bring out a pure LOS.
For me, it’s purely about the technical aspect. Because I don’t understand it.
Not that it takes too long or that I want to question the work of the developers, or make any demands. Keep, that’s far from my mind…

The current state of development does not meet LinegeOS port requirements for official roms: charter/ at master · LineageOS/charter · GitHub

Until the “quality” of the rom is good enough only unoffical builds can be made.

/e/ or Iode probably don’t have such strict requirements. Unofficial LOS can be built of course, but the los-18 branch from wearefairphone seems unmaintained. I think they are working on los-19.1


thx for sharing this informamtions…

Hi there. Sorry if it as already been answered, but I have difficulties findind this information : where can I follow the project developement and its updated compliance to Lineage criteria? I also would like to be able to download the release to test it as sson as it is usable. Many thanks!

There is no single source of truth at the moment since there is no official Lineage Rom.
Best is probably to follow

development happening on the staging/lineage-19.1 branch.

But there are also FP4 Repos from /e/, Iode, CalyxOS for their Roms. There might be some fixes / improvements that are only in one Repo but not yet in the other …

If you want to test something you probably need to piece it together yourself and make a custom build for now.


One question again:

At what stages do I need to be careful or would you warn me to continue when it comes to rooting and flashing the FP4?

My plan it to unlock (i already did) and root the phone (I want an Adblocker etc). I was told that rooting can brick the phone. Is that correct? Or do I have a misunderstanding?

To root the FP4 you will find information here

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At the moment, re-locking the bootloader can brick the phone. Several users had to send it back because of that.

My advices:

  • if you want root, don’t flash the patched boot image but “fastboot boot” on it (see the guide for the details)
  • if you install an alternative OS don’t relock the bootloader (or be really careful)

@oli.sax many thanks.

On "don’t flash the patched boot image but “fastboot boot”: So this guide is wrong? Could you perhaps advice a bit more what step to do in stead of this. This is not so clear to me. I don’t understand the difference between “patched boot image” and “fastboot boot” :confused:

No the guide is correct, that’s exactly what is writen :slight_smile:

The difference I wanted to highlight is between

  • “fastboot boot”
  • “fastboot flash”
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fastboot boot patched_boot.img

will temporarly boot the system with the provided patched_boot.img meaning you’ll boot rooted but the image will not be copied on your boot partition, it is merely injected and will not persist until next reboot. This is what you’re supposed to do.

fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img

will write the patched boot image on your boot partition meaning it can result in harming the device should there be anything wrong/incompatible with the patched image

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