Build instructions for Fairphone Open 18.10.0?


I’m relatively new to building Android and I was hoping to learn using Fairphone Open. I’m following the instructions here:

But as far as I can tell these are all written for Android 6. What do I need to change to be able to build Android 7?

Hope you can help. Cheers.

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I don’t build it myself anymore, but as far as I can remember there were no adjustments from Android 5 to Android 6, either. There is a good chance that it will work with the instructions that are already there.
By the way: Fairphone doesn’t seem too eager with updating that page or updating the blobs. That’s one of the reasons I decided to go with pre-built images. But it is still good for learning, I guess :slight_smile:

Edit: I think you will need JDK 8

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Thanks for that. You are right. It seems that it’s not straightforward. The instructions and blobs on the website are designed for Android 6. I had a look at the repository and can only find references to 18.04.1 (Android 6).

I’m going to try building 18.04.1 for the learning experience, but feels like a step back :slight_smile:.

Thanks for that. I built Android 6 and it was fun :slight_smile:. Now I’d like to build Android 7. I contacted Fairphone Support directly about updating the build instructions on, but they redirected me back here to the forum saying that FPOOS was community built.

Any suggestions on who to contact?

Are they confusing their own Fairphone Open OS with LineageOS now?

Perhaps enter it in the bugtracker …

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