Bugs: Night Mode and Silent Mode

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to quickly share two bugs I encountered with the new Android 6 update (or is there now an official bug tracker somewhere?):

  1. The night mode (‘Nachtlicht’ in German - when the screen turns red to go easy on the eyes) will be activated when set to automatic, but doesn’t disable itself at dawn.

  2. When activating the Silent mode (or maybe ‘Do Not Disturb’ - “Nicht Stören” in German) regardless if I select complete silent, alarm only or only important interruptions, sometimes I can choose that it stays in that mode until the next alarm, but now that options only turns up sporadically. And yes, the option is sometimes there and sometimes not, even though my alarm is activated :slight_smile:

There is. So far it was only revealed to the beta testers though. I don’t know whether it’s because some bugs in the bugtracker itself have to be ironed out first or they simply forgot to make it public. Once it’s out you’ll surely find it under the tag #bugtracker.

Has already been “reported” here.

Same for me, I didn’t understand yet why it behaves like this, although I have to admit I didn’t search anywhere if there is an explanation for this behavior… :wink:

Bye! :slight_smile:

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Have a look here Stuck in do not disturb silent mode.