Bug report: Pictures have constant EXIF CreateDate 2002-12-08

When taking pictures and looking at the EXIF tag ‘Create Date’, they all carry the same date/time:

2002:12:08 12:00:00

This happens for the default camera app, as well as the Mapillary app. Mapillary people tell me (in https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/2438 ) that they don’t set the date explicitly, but that it is ‘set by the platform’.

The same bug seems to happen to other Android systems too, see these random Google results:

People claim the problem lies within libcamera.so but I can’t verify this.

Here is my system: FP Open 16.12.0

Here is an online EXIF data viewer: http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi

Very strange indeed. I thought, I was not affected because the Galery shows the proper date stamp but on my computer I find:

  • DateTimeDigitized: 2002:12:08 12:00:00
  • DateTimeOriginal: the correct time I took the picture
  • GPSDateStamp: also correct

The above was in my “Gnome-Bildbetrachter”, and

$ exiv2 -g DateTimeDigitized IMG_20170128_145651*
Exif.Photo.DateTimeDigitized Ascii 20 2002:12:08 12:00:00

So I confirm your observation.
Work-around: use DateTimeOriginal for the moment it was taken.

@DietmarP : What OS do you have?

@all: It would be interesting to see if this happens on the regular FP OS as well. Can you please check?

I am running the latest Open version.
Those observations were with the stock camera app, I will check this evening with Open camera.

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