Bug on app when pictures


When I use an app using pictures (like camera, new app, galery, veepee, …) It suddlenly close.
If I take a picture with messaging app (like Telegram), It’s complicated to send it (I have to re-open the app sometimes 10 times because of auto closure).

In galery, it happens that picture is opened without any action (see video: VID_20230910_160704.mp4 - Google Drive).

I had the issue with /e/ os and Android 13.
I did a factory reset and I still have the problem.

Customer Support send me here (expired warranty).

Welcome to the community forum.

Do you use an SD card in the phone, and if so, how is it formatted - internal or external/portable?
See sdcardguide.

No I didn’t use SD card but I have two sim cards.

I also have the issue without any card (nor sim nor sd).

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