Bug in gallery?


I just copied my media files onto my FP2’s sd card. So far everything works fine.

But there is something I would consider a bug: The standard gallery app has a menu item “settings”. When I click on that, all I get is a black empty screen.

At first I thought it could be overload because of my several thousand images, so I left it at the black empty screen for some time, every now and then turning off the screen saver. But even after half an hour, the screen still was empty.

What I tried to do in the first place is define which directories to include (pictures and movies on the sd card and camera (both internal and external), and which to exclude (all music directories - gallery kept displaying album covers lying in there).

In the meantime I learned that placing an empty file named .nomedia in a directory does exclude it (not quite a user friendly GUI style approach, is it?), but what about including directories? Is there a comprehensive, say, user manual, of gallery with all its features?

And can I have it display folders (+subfolders) one by one, and not all subfolders at once? I was used to my old Samsung Bada (Wave II) only showing the top level of directories, subdirectories only when you opened it’s parent.


It´s absolutely top-notch I think…from the view of any Linux user at least :laughing:

Should be each not containing this .nomedia file and not belonging to a system drawer or app install drawer respecting the files/drawers protection flags as well.

That´s why I don´t like and wouldn´t use Gallery. I don´t know of any specific Manual for it. Maybe you are lucky to find more information on this on the net.

After altering the filesystem by moving, copying, (de-)installing anything Androids background file indexing service auto-starts (Related to Media storage). It will scan for new files or generally update it´s cache which can take some time and also spent some of your battery charge. Once it is up to date, apps (system apps too) may show up freshly copied files or your changes are generally visible e.g. new ringtones/notification sounds in their appropriate drawers which then can be selected from the list. The standard gallery app as I believe also relies on this cache service.
Afaik if you want your pictures a bit more structured for gallery you would have to build up your own file/drawer structure. But maybe someone else here who is more into Gallery can correct me.

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