Bug: Can't hang up during phone calls?


Once in a while, when I make a phone call I cannot touch the screen anymore, it freezes and does not allow me neither to hang up nor to access the menu through the widgets?


Has anyone have encountered the same problem?

The only solution that I have found so far is to hold the power button until the Fairphone restarts by itself holding it down a few seconds…

IT’S MY FIRST TIME ON THE FORUM, so thanks in advance for your help guys.

A happy Fairphone user:)

Just to understand you correctly: The screen is not black, but it doesn’t react to touch inputs right? And the other person hanging up doesn’t “solve” the issue either?

Has anything like that ever happened outside a phone call? Does it happen just when you call someone or also when you are called?

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Thanks for your feedback.

During phone calls, the screen gets sometimes black and does not come back to normal, but most of the time when the touchscreen does not respond anymore, it doesn't really matter whether it's black or illuminated since, whatever I attempt to do, it does not respond anymore.


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Well, the black screen during phone calls is solved by re-calibrating the proximity sensor, maybe that could also help in your case.
A non-responsive touchscreen can also be caused by dirt on the connectors, so disassembling and cleaning could help. But that doesn’t really explain why it happens during phone calls.
Maybe it’s some combination of the two issues, but I rather believe it’s a software or SIM issue.
I’d try a hard reset and/or reinstalling the OS (in any case first make a backup) and if that doesn’t help test a different SIM.

Indeed, I forgot to mention that in these moments, it sometimes says "NO SERVICES" instead of the name of my network provider and once or twice I got a message about SIM connection failure. So, as I read you, I could solve it partly just asking another SIM card to my phone network provider? If so, sure I will give it a try. There is sure something going on with the proximity sensor also and dirt or OS re-setup seems like a good idea also.

Thank you very much for the feedback: it does encourage me to be more active in the forum next time I get an issue if anything cones up again.

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I can’t promise that, but there is a good chance.