Browser with Vol Keys for scrolling besides Dolphin?

I Just switched to Lineage OS some days ago, well, on FPOOS the Dolphin browser was sluggish very often, it took some seconds to scroll a bit down on a website! …

Now on Linage OS this issue seems to be gone, but the whole Dolphin crashes very often :frowning:
I just open Onlinemagazin für Politik & Medien im digitalen Zeitalter | Telepolis and it crashes about 50% of all times.
Already tried Javascript on/off, Preloading on/off without sucess.

So my Question is:
does anyone of you know a alternative browser where I can use Vol +/- for Page Up/Down
this is my only “must have” feature :slight_smile:
This feature should be build in inside the Browser, but I have also have xposed installed, so maybe I’ll have to use tools like “xupdown” if they are still working.

Thank you

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Thank you for your reply!
It tested “UC Browser” and “One Browser”, yes they scroll with Vol+/- but I was not able to set a local html page as homepage, so I deinstalled them, because of to much ads…

I didn’t test “Baidu Browser” because of “Baidu” :slight_smile:

Mapping Vol+/- with xupdown doenst work on any programm (eg email, Amaze, Firefox…) so this is no option.

Currently I trying my luck with Dolphin 11.5.12 (last of the “11”), looks better so far.

A little update:
Sometimes time is a healer, latest version of Dolphin is stable for me now.

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