Browser VIVALDI always freeze

Hi !
Since months I got a short system freeze with VIVALDI (30-60 seconds after start)
Message like “VIVALDI no reaction. Want to close?” After that everything is alright again.
No problems with other apps. Only vivaldi. I thought a new version would be kill the problem. But there were a lot of vivaldi updates since my first time problem and no change.
Anybody with the same problem or a solution/idea ?
I`m on FP2 open (current version, so a little bit old again …)

When was the last time you cleaned up the history?

Do you know the Vivaldi Android Forum?

Help Site of Android browser

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Today I cleaned up two times my history (after reading your post…).
No change.
I will take a look at your links.

I didn´t found a solution. I didn´t tried everything.
Sad but: Good bye Vivaldi…

To find a solution to an IT problem it is necessary to proceed step by step.
My next question would be: Are all permissions granted?
Settings - Apps & Notifications - Vivaldi - Permissions : Memory and Location should be allowed.
Camera and Microphone as well to exclude errors like yours.

It’s up to you to test it again.

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That’s only my personal opinion, but I would definitely switch to another browser before allowing my current one to have access to my location, microphone and camera. A phone browser doesn’t need any of this.

I agree with you.
But this is about solving a problem. Vivaldi offers the possibility to read in a QR code or to search for something via voice command. So camera and microphone should be active.
The OP does not give a concrete statement after which action the browser is closed. So someone who provides assistance must first, if necessary, query everything. Afterwards you can switch off these options again, if the problem is solved.
Since the OP has unfortunately no desire to do so. Finish


I checked with all permission. And again freeze “alone with being started”. There is not “this action”.
For the critics to my support here:
I asked: “Anybody with the same problem or a solution/idea ?”
I hoped for some answer like: “Didin’t work on FP2 anymore” or “I had the same problem. I did xy and 123 for the solution”.
I didn´t say I need to work it please please please.
If somebody have experience with the same problem: Yeah.
But if there no simple way: Bye bye

Thanks anyway.

The next OS update is supposed to include a fix for this issue.


Thanks a lot.
That kind of information I was looking for …

Yes, after update is Vivaldi running stable !
Sorry for the late confirm.


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