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Sorry, my English is not good enough to find the help I need in the Forum…
My Problem:
I Got the FP2. First I had no Mobile Internet connection, except using WIFI. I read in internet, that I have to set the APN manualy. I did. Result: Mobile internet Connection is activated for Googles App Store, Threema, What’s App etc.
But when I start the Browser Chrome or Firefox it only shows: I’m offline!
Do you know about this problem, and does someone know how I can solve this problem?
I estimate it has something to do with the Settings in the Browser?
I hope somebody can help me out there!
Greetings Glombo

That usually happens when the APN settings are NOT correct. I would check on them again…

The forum community provides also support in other languages, especially in German.

Can you actually send and receive messages with WhatsApp and Threema?

Have you tried that with entering different web addresses?

  1. Have you installed XPrivacy, a firewall, an anti-virus program or an ad-blocker? Are you sure you don’t block your browser requests with these programs? Turn them off/uninstall them for testing.
  2. Have you set a proxy in your web browser or have an add-on with such a function? Or are you using an ad-blocker in your browser? Are you using a “data saving” option in your browser? Turn them off/uninstall them for testing.
  3. Are you sure your provider doesn’t block certain requests? If you can test another SIM card, do this. Edit: Please look at the prices for the mobile data if you use another SIM card.

I had the same problem after upgrading my contract.

I was connected to mobile data and whatsapp an e-mail worked, but the browsers and other apps didn’t.

The solution was to delete my APN and set it up again according to the settings I found on my provider’s (Congstar) forum.

Maybe you could look on your provider’s forum as well or do a web search for the right APN settings, as there is sometimes more than one version.

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