Browser app set to Chrome on Android 12 update

I recently updated my FP4 to Android 12 using build FP4.SP1Y.B.041.20230109. This update set my standard browser to Google Chrome, without asking.

Is this due to a setting by Fairphone, or is this anti-competitive behavior by Google that should be reported to the autorities?

Did others have this issue too?

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Just deaktivate Chrome, so its not used at all…or just re-set the default Browser…

Such things can happen, by purpose or by mistake is hard to tell, nothing I would see a need to report to authorities, you have a phone with a Google System.


@yvmuell thanks for the quick reply. Yes it was an easy fix. But this was a huge trigger for me, as I actively support Free and Open Source software and know that Google has been fined for anti-competitive behavior in the past.

So that is why I hope you can confirm that this is not due to a setting by Fairphone.

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I cant confirm anything we are all user like you. I can just confirm, after the upgrade Chrome was still deactivated on my FP4.

You use a Google System, so if you dont want Google you might have to install another OS? else Google is on your phone if Chrome is used or not.



Fairphone have to comply with Google criteria to get a license to use the AOSP their version of Android, FOS

However I agree it does seem a bit questionable.

Wasn’t there an issue about Microsoft having to make Internet Explorer an [option]

That the browser can be so easily changed probably sneaks past the anti-competitive ethics.


It is to include Google Play and the Android branding, there is no license required to use/distribute AOSP.


Guess I’m not the only one

I never got a prompt to select a browser.

Perhaps the reason is that I had it set to ask me to select a browser each time. That ability got dropped. Then I still don’t understand why I not received a prompt to select a default as I got for the search provider.

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