Broken Top Module - Recycle?

Hi people, I have a broken top module and I just found out with fright that Fairphone doesn’t recycle the modules anymore. What now ? Is there someone doing it ?

What is the defect?
Maybe it is repairable.

Hi ElKrasso, thanks for the answer ! Broken is the ear-speaker and I already had a topic about it on the forum and tried a lot of things.
Actually I already got a new top module from the support.
I just want to know, if someone is recycling the old modules…

The earspeaker is relatively easy to change, if you have a little background in electronics.
I did that before and made a funtional one out of two.
I am in Amsterdam the end of the month for the #efct19.
It would be nice if there would be spare parts available for these kind of repairs. I will ask Fairphone if they tell me which exactly part the used. Maybe it can be ordered and a repair is possible.
For sustainable reasons it would be great.
We will see.


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