Broken SD card slot and formatted as internal. What should I do now?


I had the SD card of the FP2 formatted as internal storage and now the SD card slot seems broken (no matter which SD card I plug into it, already cleaned it, … it doesn’t recognize any card). Under this situation, no app is able to write anything to the (real) internal storage.

Can I do something to the FP2 to forget about the now-missing SD card “internal” storage? Is a factory reset the only chance to get it back to work? (without the SD card slot, sadly).

Any help would be appreciated.


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You should be able to go to Settings > Storage > SD Card and then tap FORGET. The data on the card will be lost, and I think it may also format the internal memory, though I’m not sure about that last part.

The SD card data is now safe at my computer, the point is that the SD card slot is somehow damaged and it doesn’t recognize any card at all.
I’d just want to be able to at least have the FP2 be able to write to the eMMC and still be able to use the phone.

That should be resolved by hitting FORGET. Is this not possible?

When you go to Settings > Storage, what do you see?

Oddly enough, I went to check that and found that the SD card is now detected. It really blows my mind the unreliability of the last months, without finding any root cause for the misreading (other than thinking that the slot itself was faulty, given that other cards also failed to be read).

I’ll probably test the forget option and format it as portable instead, so at least the (real) internal storage keeps working even under a SD failure.

Thanks for the pointers, @robbert.f

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