Broken screen BTB connector

Long story short, the display of my FP4 fell, and the BTB display connector is damaged. I cannot connect back the display to the device, the pins on the BTB connector are bent on the display side.

Is there a fix for this? Or I have to buy a whole new display?

Thank you very much

Welcome to the Community Forum.

I once accidentally bent the pins on the connector’s end of an FP4 (when I had tried to click the connector back into its counterpart on the midframe, but did not “hit” the exact spot) so they did not stand upgright anymore. Back then, I was able to very carefully resurrect them into vertical position and eventually managed to click the connector into the midframe again. No guarantee you’ll be able to do so as well, but you might want to make a cautious attempt.

In my case, I found it helpful to use another smartphone’s camera zoom to figure out the deviation of the pins.

Thank you very much, I will try to do this. What tool did you use for this purpose? The pins are tiny, and a screwdriver can’t fit underneath.

How did you figure out the deviation of the pins with a camera? Did you take a photo with max zoom of the part on the midframe and then aligned the bent pins to match it?

I cannot recall what exactly I used to resurrect the pins/“teeth”. It wasn’t anything professional, maybe a jack knife blade or even a breakfast knife blade. – And regarding the camera zoom, it’s mainly a suggestion to use the zoom as a magnifying glass to “explore the area”.

By the way, I still found three (strongly cropped) photos from back then that illustrate what I described. Photo 1 is the “before” state of the connector band end, photo 2 is the connector band end after my (quite imperfect, but eventually fitting) “fix” and photo 3 is the corresponding midframe counterpart.

Bear in mind I’m not a Fairphone employee, so no guarantees from my side here. :wink:


It worked, thank you very much.

I used the camera trick as a magnifying lens. Your photos were extremely helpful. Lots of love to you.