Broken RF cable after disassembly


I left my phone next to a sink, and, while washing my hands with water pressure, it received a few drops of water. Since then, the screen started failing. I immediately removed the battery and let it dry during the night.

This morning, the screen stays black, but it reacts to battery charging (the light shows up red). I took it apart and I saw that my RF cable ( is definitely broken. I’m going to order a new RF cable but I was wondering: can the RF cable alone be the cause of this issue ? Or should I look for more causes before ordering any spare parts ?

Thank you for your help !

Never mind, the issue with the screen was apparently due to my DIY repair, I guess I had unplugged the connection between the screen and the motherboard. The screen is back to normal and the phone now works just fine, with the exception of the GSM connection, which I believe will be fixed with the RF cable (which I just ordered).

First time I’m able to fix a smartphone myself, quite happy about it ! Thanks Fairphone !


Actually just to tell people the final end of the story: I received the RF cable, removed the phone cover and changed it, and now the phone works just fine, as it did before ! :slight_smile: