Broken rear speaker, warranty?

Currently my rear speaker stopped working and before I order a new one, would it be eligible for warranty as I bought it second hand?
Thank you.

Since you are not intending to repair your phone, I moved your post here.

I recommend you go through Fairphone’s Troubleshooting-Tool (click at the blue words) and if the solutions provided there don’t help, it will also lead you to a Fairphone Support form that will ask you for either the module number and/or proof of purchase information (more specifics there). Warranty on the modules (except for the battery: just 1 year) runs for two years from the date of (original) delivery.

Dear @urs_lesse,
Thank you for your thoughtful post.

I had already used the Troubleshooting-Tool but hadn’t reported to support yet.
I will do.

For the record, I’ve also found the following: when I have headphones plugged in, I can hear the sound when choosing the ringtone on the headphones as expected but also coming from the top of the FP2, I think it’s the earpiece?
The above test doesn’t work for other audio like Youtube.

Hi all,
Just wanted to report how good experience I had with Fairphone customer support :slight_smile:

I opened the ticket on the 27-04-2018 and they were very helpful and didn’t make a fuss over it.
So yesterday received a brand new module through DHL which I installed promptly and now my speaker is working again.


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