Broken Frame (dropped phone)

Hi everyone,

Are there more people out here that (just like me) have dropped their Fairphone once too often?

I had dropped my phone a couple of times before the protective case was released and many times since I had the cover. Now the frame that holds all the modules is officially dead. Most of the screws that hold the phone together screw into nothing as their grip has broken off. All the sides and corners are cracked.

All my modules work just fine so I do not want to buy a new phone. I just want to buy a new frame.

The idea of this Fairphone is that it can last long because you can replace the modules, but mine is about 2 years old and ready to be recycled if I can’t buy a new frame to connect my perfectly fine modules onto.

More people who would need this?

Let’s get together and if there is more of us, let’s see if we can arrange that it becomes available.

Or is there someone who can help me in a different way?


Fairphone will repair it for you I think it’s called the ‘cover module’


The link is right, but I think what you (@Sascha_Scholte) need is the “Rear Module”.

Anyway, items from this list cannot be ordered straight away like in the spare parts shop, so you will need to deal with Support anyway. They can clarify what you need and if you can avoid sending in your FP3 or if it is inevitable (I am not sure everyone is capable of replacing the rear module).


Conclusion: #contactsupport.


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