Broken Fairphone - help please

Hi. I have an FP2 which I got in March 2017. Recently I dropped it on the floor and it stopped working completely. I tried charging it, taking it apart and also taking it to my local phone shop but they couldn’t do anything about it (I am currently in Vietnam).
What do you suggest?

Hi there and welcome to our community!
I would suggest you contact a local #fairphoneangel to test spare parts, if possible. It’s rather hard to guess what’s the problem without much more info.
Edit: Stupid me, I hadn’t read about Vietnam… Well… We would need more info, and spare parts to test what’s not working…


When you try switching it on,does it vibrate?
It may be that you broke something in the display module, and it stops the phone from working. But you would have to test another one.
If it vibrates it’s a good sign.

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Hi Alex, thanks so much for your reply. No it doesn’t vibrate; it doesn’t do anything.
What do you suggest?
Thanks again

I would suggest you contact Fairphone support. But be ready to pay if you send it in for repair (and they accept shipments only to Europe). It’s rather hard to guess what the problem is like this.
If it had vibrated, it would mean the problem only was with the display. The fact that it doesn’t vibrate doesn’t help us very much, apart from knowing that the problem is more complicated.

Or you wait until next time you travel to Europe to contact a #fairphoneangel, but with the pandemic I’m afraid it’s going to be rather complicated.

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