Bring the Fairphone to United States

You really need to bring the Fairephone to the United States! I really want a smartphone but refuse to support evil companies like Apple. We need you guys!


I’m quoting from Our approach to developing the next Fairphone blogpost

Phones are expected to be released after summer 2015, shipping first
only in Europe. We hope to expand to other countries in 2016. We are in
the process of measuring interest and demand to prepare for launching
the Fairphone in areas outside Europe.[/quote]

So seems like you still have to wait a while. :frowning:

How about now? Any plans yet?


There has been a slightly revised official wording on expansion beyond Europe recently:
Are you going to sell the Fairphone 2 outside of Europe?

Demonstrating interest for a Fairphone compatibility with US frequencies ! Is there any update to when people might be able to have a fairphone capable of getting 4G in the US ? Thanks !