Brightness can be turned to zero with FPOS 1.3.6

When I turn the brightness level to the left the screen seems to turn off completely. I think It would be hard to turn it on back again when accidently turned off the phone in this state. Can anybody confirm this?
Turning on adaptive brightness seems to cause the same problem.

Adaptive brightness on or off, I don’t have this issue.
For me it is the same level on intensity from complete-left to middle, dark but not off.

Confirmed, but only if you use the slider in the display settings, not in the drop down menu.

I really don’t have this effect on mine, whatever slide bar I tried. Maybe there is another parameter to take into account.

I had this once when I used the status bar settings, but after a restart everything was fine.

The problem persists after a reboot and powering off and removing battery. Don’t know, if there is any app or setting that may cause this problem. There is no difference between the slider in the pull down menu and the slider in the display settings.

The same issue on my FP2 since 1.3.6.

Seemed to be fixed in 1.4.2 but came back in meantime :frowning:

I had the issue with the development version that I compiled myself about a week ago. I turned brightness to zero from the pull-down menu, got confused for a bit, and then it took forever to blindly open the pull-down menu and set brightness to something higher. Also reproduced it with adaptive brightness and very low-level environments.

I had this issue with my last phone (Nexus 4). You are right, it is hard to get out of this when done accidentally. The first time I had to reset my phone, because I did not understand what was happening. It would boot up normally, but then go to a black screen.

I eventually found a solution for accidentally setting the brightness too low: If you look at the screen from an angle and shine a flash light on it from the other side, you can manage to see just a little bit of what’s going on and increase the brightness.

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