Bright spot on the display

OK. The support guy asked me to dismount and remount the display. I did this two times, and the bright spots did not go away. Then he asked me to file a return request just for the display, not the entire phone. I now asked a question about how to properly pack the display.

And another one: I first noticed one bright spot near the lower left corner of the screen a few weeks ago. Now there are already three of them. I got my phone in January.

Now I found this thread. Since there still seems to be no permanent fix I’ll wait and live with it until something else breaks and I have to send the phone in anyway.

Hey, I have exactly the same spot at exactly the same place on the display. It is annoying but I have decided to just live with it.


I also decided to just live with it, because I only see it when I start the phone. When I am using the phone I don’t see the three bright spots I have.


In this matter it started at me. I first saw the spot near the middle only on the boot screen, but later it was also there while I am using it.

OK. The old display was picked up last Thursday (September 8, 2016). Now I have a FP2 without display. No reaction from Fairphone after pick-up yet.

I looked now into the package tracking:

The package arrived already Friday afternoon at Fairphone.

Edit (2016-09-13 10:52): I do not see my return request in the return portal anymore.

Edit (2016-09-16 10:00): Still no reaction from Fairphone yet.

Please see this Support article if you have this bright spot issue:

A big thank to the awesome community for your great help on this issue.


My new screen (from February 2016) came today. No dead zones or bright spots yet. Also, my microphone still works. Let’s see if my phone works flawlessly forever.

In difference to the old screen, I do not use a screen protector anymore (because I didn’t manage to put it on).

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I have the bright spots problem too. I have now been my fourth display. Each of these displays had this trouble, it is always occurred after 5-10 days after first use. At least two of the displays also had a purple dot (in black screen). In each case at exactly the same place. Also this purple spot was seen after 5-10 days, gradually, then more and more. Fairphone says that is a pressure point. Well maybe, but I do not have these causes.

Is there anyone out there who has a display that works as it should? without bright spots?

My colleague has a Fairphone 2. Also it has the problem. She has not yet taken care of.

I know four people with a FP2, I’m the only one with this “problem”. But I don’t care, since it’s only visible with a white content…

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I received a second replacement screen last week and, initially, it was fine. However, it is now 5 days since fitting it and the dreaded spots have reappeared. I guess it’s just something I’ll have to put up with but it’s a great shame. I will say, however, that customer service has been excellent considering how busy they must be.

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So you got a replacement screen without sending the phone in? That’s some progress at least :slight_smile:
Would be great to get some more information about those spots from Fairphone. Is this a problem with old screens only (and replacement screens might be old ones in stock) or is it persistent with newly produced screens as well?

Still haven’t changed mine because of some posts saying the spots appear after some time.


Yes I did. I then changed them over and sent the other one back. However, this was for my second replacement. The first replacement involved me buying a new screen then getting that refunded when I sent the old one back. There new one was tested by the FP guys prior to sending it to me and it was fine. (It’s also from a different batch to my other two - the original and the replacement). As I said, this one now has the bright spots on it also. I guess it’s just something well have to put up with but it does leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouth, I must say…


The spots did not reappear yet at my FP2. I have my replacement screen 5 weeks now. (I have only temporary spots due to smudging which can be wiped away.)


Got a white spot as well, it’s similar in position to the one mentioned by gmarcon on Apr13.
My phone is now 4 months old, seems like a shame… but I don’t want things unnecessarily thrown out, so I will stick with my spot!

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I Discovered those spots for the first time today after 8 months. My Fairphone was in their repair center 1 month ago for other issues (got the motherboard replaced). I hope I won’t have to send my phone for repair every other month.

Just wanted to know if somebody has received a display module (in exchange for an old one) that doesn’t show those spots after some time.

I haven’t discovered any permanent bright spots on my replacement display yet. But it’s only 4 ½ months old (on my first screen, they appeared after 6 ½ months).

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I received a new display 7/11/2016 but after a few weeks it also started again to show at least one bright spot:-(
Disappointing, I had to buy a new display, send in the faulty one to get the money…Don’t want to do that over and over again…

Please don’t do it this way at all. This is much more work for support. Just contact them first and get your replacement from them directly.