Bright spot on the display

Somehow it seems my FP2 has acquired a very nasty burn-in-like artefact in the recent week or so: In most white backgrounds, it is just vaguely noticeable as a whiter-than-white blobby angled ‘L’-shaped line on the bottom of the screen and a few random blobby dots. But it is very noticeable on darker screens, and particularly on the bootup screen where I first noticed it.

The funny thing is that the ugly ‘L’-pattern looks like a typical screen burn-in, it doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve been displaying on the device. So I am at a loss as to how this has actually happened.

As I’m suffering from the ghost touch problem I’ve already been promised a new screen by support when they are back in stock. But I am wondering if there’s anything you can do to prevent this from happening when I presumably get a non-ghost-touching screen? It really adds insult to injury if the phone that was said to last 5 years turns out to need a new screen upgrade every second month… :frowning:

Hi @michel_iwaniec,

I’ve moved your post to this topic as it sounds like you’re describing the same problem (see previous posts for example pictures). If you have a significantly different problem, let me know and I’ll move your post back. If I’m not mistaken, people have reported receiving a replacement under warranty above, and there is speculation that this problem may only affect a limited batch of phones (i.e. a production error of some sort).

Indeed it is the same problem - interestingly the shape even looks the same and appears in the exact same place. So it does not look like anything that would have been caused by variables like specific apps or finger interaction.

I also discovered these bright spots, pretty much in the same shape as described and shown on images here.
Though on my screen it is not very noticable (yet?). I only discovered it first after seeing this thread here some weeks ago. Since then I often see the bright spots :smiley:
Anyhow, I don’t find it disturbing for now, so as long as it is not getting worse I won’t address support, as I don’t see a need at the moment for replacement.

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Is this thread going anywhere; as in resulting an action from FP, or simply people reporting a common problem? :slight_smile:

If you want action from FP, contact FP and tell them what you want. They see the forum as a discussion place for users, not as a support channel (see the welcome banner). Support seems to be responsive to requests relating to this problem, as far as I can tell from posts above.

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Yes, I’ve contacted and created a ticket already - that was 3 weeks ago. 0 response (excluding the automated message on ticket creation). What do you think is a reasonable timeframe for a response?

There still seems to be something of a backlog. If you want to nudge a bit more, try here (though today is a (semi-) public holiday in the Netherlands).

I have the exact same spots, perfect match.
Is there any solution yet?


Workaround: Contact support and ask for a new display.

@kjalatt: do not expect any quick answer from support though, they are extremely slow in responding, my ticket is there since weeks, but I understand there have been customers waiting for months…


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I had my display changed for this matter, and know, the new display has the same problem again. The new one was actually older (the stamp on it) than the first one but still produced in mid December.

Yeah, same with me, the spots have reappeared in exactly the same places on the new display. Therefore I’ve decided to wait a bit before asking for yet another one, hoping the manufacturing problem will eventually be solved…

I had news from support, they identify a problem on the construction “caused by pressure points”. They are building a new process, it can take some time but they don’t forget us :slight_smile:


Great news!
Thanks for sharing it!

Same problem here. Fairphone had sent me a new display and I replaced it some weeks ago.
Now the bright spots reappeared on the new display…

Hi everyone.
Fairphone asked me to send my device back because of multiple problems (cracked protective case, buzzing in earpiece and bright spots on second display).
It was really quick as I got my phone back exactly a week after sending it. New protective case (third one since January), new earpiece and new display (third one since January).
So the DHL guy handed me the parcel, I opened it, started the phone and switched the language from Dutch back to French. I started reconfiguring the phone and reinstalling my apps when I noticed after about half an hour… Guess what?
A bright spot on the display!!!:angry:
There’s only one and it’s still quite discreet, but that’s how it started the last couple of times.
Needless to say the phone hadn’t been dropped or mistreated in any way. I hadn’t even had the opportunity tu put it in my pocket!
Conclusion : the phone was sent back to me with yet another faulty display…
Have already sent an email to support…

Just to let you know guys, I have the same issue. I can see multiple bright spots in the lower half of my screen. Especially on bright screens (e.g. during browsing) and by scrolling you stumble upon these spots. It is not a showstopper for me to use the phone, but frankly it should not happen with a phone that costs that much. It seems you really have some serious quality issues with your phones. Anyway, I hope you get them sorted out one by one and learn from it. Fairphone is definitely a good thing, but don’t rely on your “fair” bonus. A working phone of good quality is still a necessity.

Here’s the latest news for me
Fairphone asked me to send my phone back yet again and it came back 10 days later.
Everything seems OK this time, no bright spot for the moment.
Hope it will last…
However I have to admit that the Fairphone team has been very responsive since the beginning and dedicated to resolving the problem. So whatever happens, I’m confident I made the right choice;


Same here, they asked me to send back my phone. But I can’t connect to the return website…