Bricked fp2 help!

I managed to wipe cache through fastboot, then I could enter twrp and tried to install a backup but now it tells me "failed to mount ‘\system’ " and cannot do anything…
Can anyone reccomend me something?

Did you have a look at this topic?


Thanks a lot! I managed to install the fairphone open and now the phone is back to life!

Thank you.


Hi Volker,

Unfortunately my phone had the same problem this morning and this time, your solution doesn’t help.
I am getting stuck with this error over and over again and I cannot do anything.
Any suggestion?

Essentially the installation process does the following things on an FP2

fastboot flash rpm "images\rpm.mbn"
fastboot flash sbl1 "images\sbl1.mbn"
fastboot flash tz "images\tz.mbn"
fastboot flash modem "images\NON-HLOS.bin"
fastboot flash splash "images\splash.img"
fastboot flash aboot "images\emmc_appsboot.mbn"
fastboot flash boot "images\boot.img"
fastboot flash recovery "images\recovery.img"
fastboot flash system "images\system.img"
fastboot flash userdata "images\userdata.img"
fastboot flash cache "images\cache.img"

You could manually execute those commands and leave out the line that flashes “tz”.

But then, I’ve never seen the manuall installation tool fail like this :open_mouth:

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Actually it fails at tz, then if I do as it says, it fails at modem. And then get stuck at failing at modem but sometimes it fails back at tz.

I was trying as you said, and this is the error I get on modem:
Apparently the size is too large?

I don’t hope so but there might be a hardware problem with your internal flash memory?

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This is what I thought as well.
And now it is finally dead with no sign of booting up.
It doesn’t go in fastmood mode nor turning up while charging.
It is finally dead. Maybe was an hardware failure… I guess we’ll never know


I’m very sorry about that, but if no one else has a better idea it might be the truth. :frowning:

F*ck, I just noted that I pushed the wrong command in the promt. I sent it as rpm and not as modem.
So maybe I bricked it.


Ok, wait. It is not bricked.
I pluegged it in the pc while pushing volume down+power. And now I see this on my pc:

All those are coming from the phone and in D , there is a folder “image” with these files:

Is there anything I can do?

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Indeed, you flashed everything on rpm.
If it doesn’t boot up in fastboot (did you try switching the phone off and on again? Letting it charge in case it has no battery?), then I guess your last resort would be EDL mode.

Though I have zero experience on how it works, so if you manage to sort it out, or if someone knows better than me how to deal with it…
Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Just saw your second post.
Really I have no idea. Does fastboot devices output anything?

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Nope. Fastboot device show nothing and thus I think I cannot enter this EDL mode you posted…

You could try shorting the mainboard test points as said in method three:

But I have no idea where they can be on the FP2… And even when you are in EDL mode, I don’t really know what you can do. A community dev did something for Fairphone 3 unbricking, but I can’t remember the same has been made for FP2…

Also, I have no idea why the computer displays some devices as connected when you plug the phone.

I’m unfamiliar with the FP2, but this is probably your phones internal storage exposed through USB.
You should be able to flash it this way.
Probably best use a linux system and dd to flash the images to their corresponding partitions.

I am sorry, I am not sure I understood how I should proceed…

I can’t really give you any detailed instructions, since as said, I am not familiar with the FP2.
I would boot a linux system, such as ubuntu.
Plug in the phone and run a partitioning tool such as gparted to find out which device and which partition is which (Don’t do any changes in gparted)
Then use dd to flash the images to their corresponding partitions.