Brand new, unused, FP2 (Turquoise), received November 2018, £300 including postage

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I am selling a brand new, unused Fairphone 2 in turquoise - full details of the phone specs can be found here: https://shop.fairphone.com/en/buy-fairphone2-2/

The phone was received directly from Fairphone in November 2018.

I can make sure that this is posted asap so that there’s a chance of delivery before Christmas.

Cost is £300 (including postage - as long as it’s reasonable). More photos available (I can only post one photo with this post for some reason).



I’m looking for a second hand fp2. I’m living closed to Paris. Is the phone working?did you ever use it?


Hello !

I’m also interested, and it happens that I also live in the Paris region. Let me know if it is still available !


Hi Marianna

I have never used the phone - it’s brand new and still in the box etc. I have turned it on though to check that it’s working and it is.



Hi Felipe

Yes, the phone is still available.



Ok and so why do you sell it?
Sorry I’m a bit afraid to have some problem with a second hand phone…
The FP2 is now new for 399 euro, so I can offer you 250 euro including postage.
Is it ok? I would like to receive it in Milan (Italy)
Btw im really interested, my family want to make me a christmast present so would be awsome if it can arrive before christmast.

Let me know…




Hi Marianna

I’ve decided to sell it because it was bought for me as a gift but I don’t need it. I already have a work phone and am only allowed to receive my work emails on their approved phones, so it would mean having two phones. I’m not sure if the phone warranty can be handed over to a second hand buyer, but I can ask FP?

Milan postage is fine :slight_smile:

FP2 are selling the phone discounted at the moment, but brand new it is 529EUR/£476, so £300 including postage is already a lot cheaper than the price it was bought for. I’m not keen to sell it for 250EUR because this would be less than half the price it was bought for and only be about £225. 320EUR is really the lowest I could go.



Hello Amanda, could you check if the warranty can be used by a new holder…?because in that case it is interesting…how do we do if I buy the phone, I pay and you send me the phone?how can i be sure that the phone is sent…?and do you think that i could have it in one week?

Thanks again



Hi Marianna
I have asked Fairphone - their website says their response takes about 2-3 working days. I hope this is OK.


Re paying, I’ll see how people normally do this on here and if there is a secure way for both of us! Thanks


As I understand the Fairphone-Warranty, it is with the item.

It only takes the proof of purchase (with date) to claim the warranty.
Obviously the one buying a second-hand FP has to take the risk, that the buyer has mistreated the phone. Warrantywise , that is. The seller (the one mistreating the phone) of course can be held responsible.
Regarding the payment, I guess you could go for trusting one another (maybe contacting each other by phone beforehand?) or - if you have a PayPal account (which I don’t), you could use this account?


Hi Amanda
Is this phone still available? I’m in the UK, would pay £275 or thereabouts, if that’s of any interest, perhaps you could email me at tom@devonoak.co.uk with contact details etc, so that we are all comfortable with a transaction.


Hello Amanda,

so I wait the answer of the team and the maybe would be nice to speak by phone before I will buy it. We can call tomorrow if you want…this is my email:

Let me know!



thanks bert really useful!


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