Brand new, unused, FP2 (Turquoise), received November 2018, £300 including postage

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I am selling a brand new, unused Fairphone 2 in turquoise - full details of the phone specs can be found here: https://shop.fairphone.com/en/buy-fairphone2-2/

The phone was received directly from Fairphone in November 2018.

I can make sure that this is posted asap so that there’s a chance of delivery before Christmas.

Cost is £300 (including postage - as long as it’s reasonable). More photos available (I can only post one photo with this post for some reason).



I’m looking for a second hand fp2. I’m living closed to Paris. Is the phone working?did you ever use it?


Hello !

I’m also interested, and it happens that I also live in the Paris region. Let me know if it is still available !