Bottom module unavailable from the store

My phone is not charging. I tired with a new battery, and I tried the usual recommendations. I have thus determined that I need a new bottom module. However, this is not available on the store. Any advice?


When did you buy the phone, it has a two year warranty ?


I guess it does. I bought it in Feb 2020. But I would prefer to fix it on my own; it sounds like it would be faster…

I would ask for a new module on warranty anyway.
Where do you live? In Germany there is this shop:

But they are shipping worldwide.


How do I ask for one on warranty?

Contact support and tell them what you have done. They may consider they could not have done any better and it would save them some cost not to replicate your tests

They could suggest other tests too.

You may have a #fairphoneangel near you that could do a module swap to confirm your suspicions.

It could be another issue and buying a bottom module may just be an extra expense in terms of effort and finance.


You need to contact the support:


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