Bottom module defective after replacement

My name is Markus and I’ve been reading this forum for a while.

I have a hardware problem after replacing the buttom module. I am now looking for ideas to solve the problem.

I have ordered a new Buttom module as the old USB port was clogged and not working properly.
After installing the new module, the vibration mode and speaker stopped working. Charging by cable worked fine at the beginning, but later this also stopped working.
I therefore exchanged it for the old Buttom module. But now I also have the problem that the loudspeaker and vibration alarm do not work. Charging only works at an extremely slow speed.
Is it possible to make special mistakes when installing the buttom module? Has anyone had a similar problem?

Thank you,
Greetings Markus

Is there any chance that you didn’t properly connect the connecting cable of the bottom module as shwon in step 11 from the manual on Ifixit.


Thanks for your answer.

I followed the instructions and the video exactly, it wasn’t particularly complicated. The cable engaged normally as far as I can tell.


The only possible reason for this issue could be the connecting cable. If its misaligned during installation into the contact bar some of the pins can be bended.