Bootloop to Bootloader after locking bootloader

I have a big problem.
Can anyone help me?

I have flashed iodé according to the instructions. Then I accidentally deactivated OEM Unlock in the settings. So I activated the blocking. Now I wanted to lock the bootloader again so that the message does not always appear when booting. Now my FP5 always boots directly into the bootloader but I can no longer flash the Stockrom because flashing is locked and since I can no longer get into iodé I cannot activate the OEM Unlock.
flastboot flashing unlock does not work
Is there still a possibility for me to flash a ROM or to unlock the bootloader?

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Will it let you boot into recovery, whether from bootloader or using the button combo? If so, you should be able to factory reset and/or sideload an iode OTA.

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No. I can’t boot into recovery.

you have to contact Fairphone support and send it to their repair center.

Thank you very much.
I have contacted support and am now waiting to hear back.

If you want to speed that up, give them a call.