Boot problem with iodéos

Hi, I have a Fairphone 4 under iodéos and since today it does not start anymore. More exactly, it starts, I see the Fairphone logo, then the message that I have every time I turn it on since I installed iodé a year ago “Your device has loaded a different operationg system”, then the Iodé logo and there it is blocking, I left it like that it did not move for half an hour, and besides it heats up quite a bit. I was able to stop it only by long pressing the lock button + volume down. No other option…
I think it has to do with the fact that I couldn’t finish there last update, having no wifi access. Is there a way to catch this from pc? Or another solution?
Thank you in advance for your help !

fact that I couldn’t finish there last update,

Just reboot to the recovery and sideload the latest iodeOS again, no data will be lost.

If you don’t want that, then try to let the system fail for a minute seven times in a row and it should switch back to the other slot.


Thanks a lot.
What I get from the sideload is ;
ERROR : recovery : footer is wrong
ERROR : recovery : Signature verification failed
ERROR : recovery : error : 21

Is your bootloader unlocked?

You can always sideload when locked as long as the file matches the correct signatures, it looks like they sideloaded the wrong file however.

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The bootloader is locked but indeed it does not seems to be the problem.
I sideloaded files from Release iodéOS 4.x for Fairphone 4 · iodeOS/ota · GitHub (I tried several of them), isn’t that it ? I’m a total noob btw

you sideloaded ?

I actually remember having this type of problems when I sideloaded iodé the first time and I posted here Troubles installing IodéOS on FP4 - #8 by LoupStyle and getting some help but if it still is a driver problem I can’t do much as no portable device appears in my device manager right now

Oh gosh no I actually didn’t it seems, because it’s working now. I guess I left just this one out lol. I’m so stupid… THANKS A LOT

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