Boot loop - Fairphone 2 shuts down

I have a problem with the FP2 from my mother.
The problem has get worse the last weeks. The phone shut down from time to time and then there is an endless loop of showing the black start screen - shut down again - black start screen… It gets hot while this happens. After a night break it starts again but soon it shuts down again. Just Recovery Mode still works. Now I tried a hard reset and also installing the operating system with a micro sd but it shuts down while installing it. Does someone has an idea what I can do?
Thank you!

Did you made a hard reset as is described here? If not, try this procedure.

Yes I did exactly this and it worked because the personal datas are erased but the phone still shuts down and every time I reboot it the problem also appears…

I haven’t turn on quickboot like other persons with similar problems…

Can you tell which part of the FP gets hot? E.g. what happens if you take out all cards, let the phone cool down and try again.

Since you already ruled out a software issue with the hard reset I’d also try opening up the phone, taking out the modules, carefully cleaning everything and putting everything back in place tightly.

If that doesn’t help either then I guess only support can help you.

This might sound a little weird but try to remove the battery and after that the display as well. Wait a few minutes an put the phone together again.
I had similar problems and just removing the battery did not help. I started to play around a little and I noticed that removing the display solves the problem.

I removed the screen like An_Mel and the last hours the problem dissapeared. I hope it doesn’t return. Thank you all so much for sharing your knowledge!

Visit this conversation : it seems to be same problem.

If disassembling/reassembling solved the problem, it may have not be connected to the latest update problem that is described there.
There have been a couple of users reporting that reassembling the phone (and cleaning the contacts!) fixed reboot or other problems, since apparently there may be some issues with the connection between the display and the phone in some cases.

Though, in general there are different causes why the phone may reboot, so of course it is worth checking the various options.

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