Boot loop after update with full storage

Hi all,

I own a Fairphone 4, Android 12, physical SIM card, no SD card, not rooted, and a Linux Mint computer.

I have been getting warnings for a couple of days that my FP4 storage is almost full. Today, an update was automatically installed and after that, my phone entered a boot loop. I’m assuming it’s so full that it cannot start properly.
I can enter recovery but cannot do anything relevant there. I tried some ADB and fastboot commands but with no success. Edit: safe mode doesn’t seem to be accessible either.

All I want is to back up my files or delete some large file so that the phone can start. I hate to think about factory reset as I have a lot of videos of my baby daughter that I haven’t backed up (well, my fault!)
Hopefully you can point me to a solution :slight_smile:


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