Boot from one slot work, but not from the second one

Hi, I already wrote here after the OTAs that the updates did not work keeping Magisk. I narrowed down the problem to the fact that the phone boots from slot a but not from slot b (switched manually active in bootloader)
Is there any solution to synchronize the two and have both slots working again?

That’s not how this works, you are supposed to be in a specific slot, the OS keeps track of that and that’s it.

A/B slots is a functionality for OTA updates and you shouldn’t manually change between them, they are only used as a fallback if an update goes wrong.

There are scripts that sync, your slots, don’t use them!!! They will break future OTA updates completely because none of the partitions will match the hash the installer expects.


I had a problem with a new Magisk module that kept the device in a boot loop. I fixed the problem differently.

Anyway, thanks for the explanation, so it works as designed.

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If you want to dive in deeper, there’s a nice description of the update flow in the Android docs, there’s also this useful flowchart that illustrates what happens on the first boot after an OTA update:

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