Boosting audio fp4

I don’t like doing inner city cycling with headphones on for obvious reasons. So I put my smartphone in the pocket closest to my ears and and simply TURN IT UP :wink:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make the sound better and a bit louder without adding headphones or an external speaker to the mix? Or if an external speaker one that is fast to safely fasten and remove to my bike.
Is there anyway to upgrade the FP4 sound hardware for example?

Peace to the world.

I’m using “XBooster - Volume Booster” app that can make the maximum loudness of the internal speaker a bit higher. The sound quality is, of course, degraded. And the app is a bit weird and has ads, but it works for my occasional usage.

Other from that, I’d rather suggest purchasing “bone conduction headphones”. These should be a good compromise between safety, sound quality and not being forwned upon by passers-by who don’t like your audio.


Thank you for the info. I’ve never looked at those kind of bonephomes :grin: do you have any suggestions on where to start?

No, I’m riding my kickbike with in-ear plug wired phones listening to podcasts only, so I usually hear the traffic even with the phones in.

I use Shokz for Teams meetings and on my bike.
As they leave your ears open, the useage is legal on public roads.
The sound is quite good and you can get waterproof versions.