Bookmarked web pages on home screen don't work

I just realised that the bookmarked web pages I’ve put on the home screen on my FP2 do not work. I use AdBlock Browser for this, and I have FP Open 17.04.0. It creates an icon for the page, but when I click, I only get a blank page, without even an address bar.
Any ideas?

Try a different browser and one of the different #launchers to find out whether the OS is the culprit, or the app.

Thanks. I tried the built in web browser, and now it works. Guess I have to go to the AdBlock developers to ask about it, or just bookmark everything I want like that from that browser instead. Good thing I didn’t uninstall it :slight_smile:

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AdBlock Browser is just a rebranded version of Firefox with an adblocker extension integrated.

I suggest you to install mainline Firefox and install then AdBlockPlus extension (or the lightweight uBlockOrigin). You will receive bugfixes directly from the developers (Mozilla).

If it’s as easy to adjust reg. ads, then I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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