Bogus log in attempts to my bank

Several times now browsing history has shown log in attempts to my bank. I never use my phone for banking so what’s goin on?

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Many browsers offer data synchronisation across devices. For example, see the help page for chrome. Any chance you’re automatically being logged in to any sync accounts on both your phone and the computer that you use for banking (e.g. a google account)?


Thank you for the quick response.
Don’t think so. There are multiple attempts shown on phone and they don’t correspond with actual log-ins on my PC.

The obvious worry is that there’s some malware process trying to log in to banking, but if you never use online banking on the phone, I don’t understand how it knows where to try. That, and malware is usually more adept at hiding it’s tracks.
Are there any other sites in history that you haven’t visited? Do these visits occur when you’re using the phone, randomly, or even when the phone is off?

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