Blutooth tethering

Hi forum,

maybe a stupid question, but is bluetooth is expected to work?
I wanted to do tethering, which doesn’t work.
I actually don’t see the FF with any other device. Is it supposed to work anyway?


Hi @console,

sure it is. :smile:

Works with my laptop without any problems but won’t connect to my headphones (which are also not connecting to my laptop, so this seems to be a problem with the headphones, not the phone).



Ah, ok, so it is broken. Keeps rebooting all the time anyway now. :frowning:

@console, did you manage to get your phone working properly (i.e. to stop rebooting- and has tethering being working?

Yes, all is working.

Out of the box the thing was useless, but after installing the image from the website, all got better.
Bizarrely after the fresh installation the FP crasehd several times again, but after a while it got better.
But I only use it for SMS and InstantMessaging. Rarely browsing and no google (as far as possible)

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Excellent, glad you got this working.

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