Blurring when scrolling through a web page


when i scroll through a web page with firefox or chrome the text is blurred. It looks very ugly. Is this a hardware problem or a problem with the software that can be fixed?

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Hi Clara,

do you mean blurred while scrolling? That is probably normal. Blurred after scrolling would be an issue. Could you post a screenshot?

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Yes, while scrolling. I cant make a Screenshot while i scroll through a page, sorry.

Normal means normal for all Smartphones or normal for fairphone?

Have you installed some kind of theme/layer/skin for your Fairphone?

It seems it depends on the display or display technology used, the internet suggests it’s more or less noticeable across the board of smartphones.

It a pure fairphoneOS without any Modifikation.

Normal for all Smartphones. It might be less obvious on phones with a very high screen refresh rate (there are 90 Hz displays out there, mostly appealing to avid gamers).

In my everyday usage, I never perceived text on the FP3 display blurred, let alone ugly. I have to admit, though, that I do not read text while scrolling. I simply read and scroll alternatingly, I guess. So what you described is not an issue for me.

On my FP2, I always had this and never thought it was abnormal. It’s always a bit blurry, but as @teezeh said, I read when I finished scrolling, not during scrolling :man_shrugging:
Otherwise, did you notice a difference between battery saver on/off?
Or in the options, on LineageOS 17.1, I have an slider option to choose between battery efficiency and device performance. When it is on max battery saving, animations such as scrolling are always a bit laggy. I don’t know the FP3, but perhaps in Pie there is such an option, perhaps others can confirm.