Bluetooth very buggy on the fairphone 5?

Hi there. I tried using my JBL Live Pro 2 TWS on the fairphone, and “performance” is utterly catastrophic. These headphones work perfectly on all my other devices. Huawei Mate 20 Pro (my old phone the fp5 is supposed to replace), my MacBook Pro, my PC under multiple operating systems, my TV and my steam deck.

But when I try using them on the fairphone, I only get about 1 second of gibberish sounds, then 5 seconds of silence, then one more second of gibberish. I already tried resetting the headphones, and the phone is factory new after the first start. The headphones are found in the Bluetooth settings instantly, and connect. But sound does not work. I even tried changing Bluetooth avrcp settings on the android developer settings, this changed nothing.

I absolutely must be able to use headphones for the phone, otherwise it’s basically unusable to me. I fired off a support request but it says it can take up to 7 days and that’s just way too long - as I said the phone is basically not usable to me without headphones. Anyone have experience with this problem?

No experience.
But did you recieve a ticketnumber? If so, then the date of the ticket counts if you want to send back.

Does your headphones need a certain codec?

Experience with the BT problem or that support takes a few days to respond? The latter is normal and I can just confirm my Huawei BT earphones work. Any chance you test another BT device?

If you have a headset that supports using a single ear piece instead of both, try that.

Using a single ear piece seems to be what breaks it 100% of the time. I got it to work for a few minutes by rebooting and reconnecting everything and using both ear pieces. But randomly it stops working. I can 100% of the time reproduce it when I try using a single ear piece: It always breaks, and even using both ear pieces together doesn’t fix it, only resetting the ear phones again and rebooting the phone does. But sometimes in the middle of a 2 earphone call or music, it stops working, too.

Which is extremely annoying since that function also works on all other devices flawlessly, and the bug also activates if I’m just not fast enough taking both out the box. There must be some bug in the Bluetooth stack in the fairphone 5. Because, to reiterate: These earphones work absolutely perfectly across about 7 different devices from different manufacturers and time periods.

Not have any BT problem on FP5, using headphones “JLab Epic Air Sport ANC”, not change anything in developers setting… Also show in notification BT button battery percent of headphones, same in Settings…BT

Yeah no issue with Shokz OpenRun either. Except for the annoying small delay I’ve noticed on several phones and several BT headsets.

Not much help to you, but it works fine here with Jabra earbuds and the Fairbuds XL.

Works fine with Marley Redemption ANC 2! Sorry…

I had the same Problem with FP4 and three different bluetooth devices. I can’t remebmer exactly what solved the problem, it may just have been restarting the phone or deleting the list of bluetooth devices. I also found it to be very annoying, but I only had it once and just for one day.

I have the same issue with my Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3. Works fine with all other devices. If you get any message I’d be happy to have an answer too :slightly_smiling_face:
The trick to only use one earbud works very well. That’s a good tip.

I’ve had a similar but different issue. The devices I’ve used (Bose QuetComfort 35 II, OpenRun, Anker SoundCore 2, some generic sleep headphones) generally work, but a couple of times now I’ve ended up in a situation where I can’t get any sound out of the phone or the SoundCore, and the only way to fix it that I’ve found is to reboot.

I’ve not yet been able to figure out what causes this to happen - I think it might be related to having multiple audio devices connected and switching between them, but this might be a coincidence.

Anyway, the symptoms when this happens are that (obviously) no audio comes out of the Bluetooth device, but also attempting to switch audio to “This phone” gives an error along the lines of “unable to switch”. The current media notification might already say “this phone” on it at the top-right corner, but the volume controls on the phone show the Bluetooth icon.

I don’t know how much overlap there might be with this issue and the one detailed at the beginning of the post, and so whether it should be its own topic or not. I was already using Android 13 on my Pixel 3a with the same set of devices and didn’t ever come across this issue. It is more of a mild annoyance to me rather than a dealbreaker, given its infrequency and easy (but disruptive) fix, so maybe it’s a different bug entirely.

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