Bluetooth tile doesn't work on first tap

Mine has the same behavior. since i dont know wich update brougt this annoyance. But its there since. I got used to it to tap it two times so that it stays blue.

Same for me, I think since the first Android 10 update. Also, Bluetooth is always off after a reboot or coming out of airplane mode. And when I connect to a device after finally managing to turn BT on, it often turns right off again they instant I start playback.

My wife’s FP3+ seems to have none of these problems though.

FP3 or FP3+? As we have until now only FP3s with the misbehavior, as two FP3+s don’t show it.

My FP3+ has the exact same behavior.

It was like this since the very beginning when I bought it one year before. Changed not with a software update, it was/is always just working on second tap.

Normal fp3 (but with upgraded + features)

Now we have almost all possible combinations, working or not working :smile:.

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Just a thought about this Bt icon thing: have any of you installed specific launchers, and if so, which? All info including negative, welcomed.

I don’t experience the problem and never have [edit: so far …]. FP3+ / Stock Android 3.A.0129. Stock launcher. You’d have a job finding more standard than me. Anything for a quiet life! :smiley:
To begin with I hardly ever turned Bt on except for the occasional file transfer, but since December 2020 I usually leave Bt on all the time as it’s required by the Covid app. So I cover both those use cases! I’ve never found Bt off, when it “should” have been on, or vice versa.

Airplane mode ON turns Bt off (naturally). When I turn Airplane mode OFF, Bt comes back on as expected.

I use Poco-Launcher.

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FP3, stock launcher, 3.A.0132.20211027 since yesterday. I have to tap twice to enable BT after I switched it off. When I switch to airplane mode, BT is disabled, and stays off, after I switched airplane mode off. But then I only have to tap once.


You’re right, we’ll collect every possible combination!
Seriously: I’ll update to 3.A.0132 this evening and let you know…

I hardly ever use my phone other than in aeroplane mode, where the BT button works fine.

With aeroplane mode off ~ it has to be done a second time but once aeroplane mode is off I can toggle the BT without any second tap.

Trying to replicate quickly is causing a system crash.

Now I have no problem ~ can’t seem to replicate at all ??


Successfully updated to 3.A.0132.20211027.
Did a second reboot just to be sure.
Bt button is working as I described above (without errors or problems).
Updated all apps while I was about it.
Minimum brightness is now back up to its old level (far too high). Change of font and font weight (heavier) for the stock launcher clock and other texts.

I always have to tap the BT icon twice as it never works after the first tap.
This was since the beginning and never changed - and I am already used to it :wink:

I use Nova launcher (but I don’t think it has to do anything with the launcher, as this bar is a system thing that is not touched by any launcher).


General question to all those who have this problem: is it limited to the quick-access tools (swiping from top) or does it occur also when you go through Settings?

I’m also wondering through what mechanism this bug is occurring. Some thoughts:

  • When the icon turns grey are we sure that BT has in fact been turned off? > Somebody (who has the problem!) do some tests?
  • What process might be coming through the back-end to change the value BT on/off? Could there be a connection with Airplane mode (apart from the normal process whereby Airplane mode ON toggles BT OFF).
  • Many of those who have the problem (I’m not sure all though?) say they’ve had it since the phone was new. Could this be hardware related? Some dysfunction of the touchscreen …? What else could affect the device all the time since it was new independently of software upgrades? Or some component-related firmware that doesn’t form part of Android?
  • Is the problem observed with other than the stock OS?

I feel that to collate all this we should move to a wiki. How about it? I’m thinking somebody who’s particularly bothered by this bug might take this up? Is it worth pursuing? Any volunteers?

It does it in the settings as well. The slider works but when i hit thebackbutton to exit the menu, reenter it its off. The quickmenu does nothing. After a second switch in settings it comes alive.

Just to confirm I use Nova launcher and have no such problems using aeroplane mode or not.

I also have a second FP3+ with default launcher and no such problem.

  • Both connect to my PC (raspberry pi immediately , if it is on) So when others enable what are they trying to connect too
  • I have no network, hence am using aeroplane mode. So if I disable aeroplane mode I still have not network. Maybe the network connection is interfering
  • Maybe it’s just that some users are using 2.4 WiFi and that is messing with the 2.4 Bluetooth

To avoid the topic is automatically closed and to refine symptoms:

Mine does not always but just often require tapping BT tile twice. I’ve the impression that happens more often (always?) when audio is played, e.g. during a call or video playback. FP3 with stock ROM build 8901.3.A.0135.20211222

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Usually I activate BT when there is no uadio playback going on. It requires two taps at all time.

But maybe this situation will be fixed with Android 11.

Just to confirm : Tried all combinations of Wi-Fi On/Off/ Auto/2.4GHz/5GHz and don’t get such a problem.

What I do get is a quick flash as though it goes off and then on again.

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