Bluetooth stays OFF after reboot and after returning from flightmode

When I turn flightmode OFF or when the phone is rebooted, then WiFi and Bluetooth should both return to the last-known state - that is, if p.e. WiFi was ON when flightmode was turned ON, then WiFi should be turned ON again when flightmode is turned OFF.
This doesn’t work for bluetooth anymore, so I have to turn on bluetooth manually after turning off flightmode or when the phone reboots (which it does, every now and then).
I first noticed this behaviour somewhere in november '17, wasn’t solved with the 17.12.01 update. My phone is an early one (‘one of the first 17,418’) but my wife’s phone, a recent one with the new cameras, has the same.

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Confirmed, happens on my device too

Not confirmed! After disabling flight mode WiFi and Bluetooth return to the state they where before enabling flight mode. FP OS 17.12.1

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On my device with stock FP OS also both Wifi and Bluetooth get back to its state after setting flight mode off to as it was before flight mode turned on (e.g. both being on before result in both being off during flight mode set to on and both being on after turning flight mode off).

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This happens to me too, bluetooth activation does not come back after flight mode or restart.

Mine is a FP2, and it happens since I bought it in Jan’18. Now I have FP OS 18.02.0, and this issue hasn’t changed.

I also use FP OS 18.02.0 and works fine (Bluetooth returns to status before flight mode). So maybe it’s an app on your side having an influence here?

Well, I do not expect any app to turn off the bluetooth.

Maybe it is related to some configuration that I am not aware of. But the thing is that it happens since the first day of usage, and I did not have many apps installed back then.

It might be somehow related to current HW version which seems to be slightly different than my >2 years old device. Maybe someone with another device also bought in 1/2018 might try…

Yes, it might. Thanks anyhow!


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