Bluetooth protocol?

I can’t connect my wireless headphone with my fair phone 4. When I look through the fairphone support it talks about ensuring that they have the same Bluetooth protocol that is compatible with the fairphone…….what does that even mean?
I have Sony wireless headphones WH-1000XM5
They work with my iPad and iPhone really easily but my fairphone doesn’t pick them up when I try and connect them.
Can anyone help?

There is a glitch with some Bluetooth protocols, see:


So they connect or not? When you try ensure to have the other devices not around with BT enabled, maybe they just block the earphones. Maybe you need to reset the earphones to remove other devices first.

When they connect see the link provides by Incanus

The phone doesn’t even see them :cry:

Which software is running on your phone? If it’s stock Fairphone OS, wait for the upgrade just announced and try again.

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Ok and you did initiated the BT search on the headphones, right? I would still reset he headphones. The update def is worth a try however your issue seem to be completely different.

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