Bluetooth password mystery

Forgive my shocking ignorance but they’ve asked me my faiphone bluetooth password and I haven’t got the faintest idea. Can someone help, pleeease?

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Who is ‘they’? What do you try to do?


Could you perhaps provide a screenshot?

I thought there were just automatically generated pairing codes, not chosen passwords involved in all things Bluetooth?

Some devices without displays have fixed codes, my car hands free loudspeaker system for example.


Hi. Thanks for your reply. They refers to the electric car charger company. My house has a power installation of 5.5Kw and the car charger needs 7Kw. In order to reduce the power so that I stop getting power cuts and other complications, I need a HiCharger app. I have to scan a qr but they ask my my bluetooth password. I’ve used qr codes without bluetooth passwords. In fact, I’ve never been asked my bluetooth password before. What is it? Where can I find it?

Thanks for your reply. I understand your surprise. I have youtubed the question and there are tons of tutorials on pairing but none on how to obtain your bluetooth password. :tired_face:


Where does it say that this should be the Fairphone Bluetooth password?

Could it be the Bluetooth password of the device you try to connect the phone to?
At least the internet is full of stuff like this, popular default passwords of device manufacturers seem to be “0000” and “1234”, but you should check the documentation of the device you are trying to connect to.


I am not sure how to relate to that. The problem I have is connecting my mobile to the charger through an app called hicharger. The mobile refuses to prcess the scanning if I don’t provide my Fairphone 3 bluetooth password. I wonder if I have to open the mobile phone t find out. I have, in the past, opened the berlly of the beast and I’d rather not do it again unless it’s an absolute must.

Are you sure you don’t have to do something like here on page 10? …

(It might not be the exact device you have, but it’s an example for the procedure.)

That’s exactly right. I’m on the equivalent of page 10 of your manual. The problem is that I don’t know what my bluetooth password is or how to get it .

Thanks,I suppose there is no harm in trying.

This should be written in the manual.
The example manual clearly says “the password can be found on the two identification labels as shown in the next picture. One of them is attached to the installation manual and the other one is patched inside the charge point”.

Which device do you have exactly, what’s your manual saying?

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