Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones (BOSE ANC 700) not working properly

Hi everyone,
i got new headphones from Bose, quite expensive, so I was pretty disappointed, when I found out they were not working properly on my phone. Meanwhile I send the first pair of headphones back to Bose and got a new one in exchange (after I found via research, that there’s a description of that problem in Bose-communitys; so in the first place I thought, it’s a Bose-problem). Astoundingly the secon pair has the exact same problems connecting to my device.

Problem: restarting over and over again befor getting a safe connection. And this happens every time the head phones are turned on. The restarting starts and lasts for round about 15 min. and then suddenly the connection is safe. Until I turn 'em off and some time later on aigan.

So my new idea is, it might be a fairphone-problem rather than a Bose-problem. Maybe someone knows about this kind of connection problems and eventually even how to fix it? Or do I have to get new ear phones in the end?
But which would that be, working with FP3 for sure??
Thanks in advance.


I can’t comment on these particular Bose headphones, but I have a Bose bluetooth speaker and some Sony headphones. Both have worked with my FP3 without issue. Have you asked a friend to test out the headphones with their phone or computer?

Hi @Tortellini

This topic popped up as ‘New’ on my access but I note there has been no update since 12 Apr, so I wonder how you are getting on? and a belated welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My daughter has Bose On-ear type with no problem with FP3 since bought in Dec 2020 so I doubt it’s a bluetooth profile or codec issue.

As you are using bluetooth try with wifi off , if that’s an option, the wifi may be using the 2.4Ghz radio band which is the same as that for bluetooth.

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Hi, i am having zhe exact same problem, with the same combination of devices. Did you find a solution in the end?

With respect to the issues with the latest update, I’d guess you’re at the frontline of the difference of causality and a wrong interpretation of correlation.

FP developers team has simply f***** up the latest update causing massive issues with bluetooth connectivity. Quite likely it has nothing to do with your special phone-headphone combination.

Same exact problem here :

Fairphone 3+ x Bose ANC 700

Multiple disconnections including during calls.

I haven’t found a solution yet.