Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from car

I recently bought a used Dacia. When I try to connect my phone to the car it connects for about 10 seconds then disconnects. I have tried other phones and there doesn’t appear to have a problem with them only the FP2. I cannot use the Bluetooth for anything. Has anyone got any ideas? I see people had problems last year are they still having the same problems.

I don´t have a specific idea or solution. Maybe once again start from scratch and clear all registered BT connections on your FP2 and your car.

For me it happens as well, I have to reconnect from the car until the connection is stable. I experience a stable connection once it starts downloading the address book. The connection attempts vary from 1 to 4 or times until I get a stable connection.

I don’t know if the difficulties depends on the bluetooth stack in the car, or in the phone. I have received claims from other Fairphone users, that they didn’t have this issue with their older phone in the same car. I’m really unsure about the reason. At least, a workaround exists for me. Hope you find a working solution for you as well.

Thanks for the possible hint, unfortunately it has not worked for me.

Thanks Amber for the tip. Unfortunately it is not working for me, it is disconnecting so quickly it is not even getting to attempt to download address book. It won’t even let me play music. I like you am not sure what is causing the issue, other phones are staying connected just not my FP2.

Just another idea. It may happen (as with my old router) that bluetooth and wifi (both using the 2,4 GHz band) interfere with each other depending on which version of each is implemented.

This should not happen but can appear anyway.

Before giving up check that wifi on your FP2 is disabled and as far as you can assure this, no other wifi device is in close range. Then again try to pair with BT.

I only found out by random of this interference as I started to use my new BT ear buds.

If pairing should hold long enough also try if toggling the options "Phone audio/Media audio"
assures stability.

FP2 had some troubles at the beginning with BT on Lollipop, but later updates fixed them meanwhile afaik.

Also see if you have other apps installed requesting BT access. Stop them temporarily one by one to see if there is any improvement.

I had this too once with a company car. As soon as FP2 had connected an installed app started playing music although it was not active in the foreground but should remain sleeping in the background. My music player app which was in the foreground remained therefore paused which got me wondering.

I could figure out the cause and “stop” the background app. All worked fine then.

So maybe another app causes this interruption of your BT pairing. Sadly many apps request more permissions to resources as often actually needed.

Unfortunately trial and error is the only option left for you.

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I have the same (or certainly a similar) problem; what I’ve noticed though, is it’s specifically when my phone screen locks that Bluetooth disconnects. So it will connect, download contacts, be playing music/podcast etc, then, when the screen goes black, it loses connections.

Any suggestions?

Which OS are you running?
So you only have troubles with BT not WiFi if I understand correct and this problem occurs independent if WiFi is enabled or not?

I do have one device (earbuds) loosing connection in a way as I cannot remote control it after some time when the screen is locked. Music keeps playing but pausing/skipping or else command won´t work sometimes.
I therefore keep the appropriate app (MXPlayer) the front most active app when locking the phone. This seems to make things better but not fully solve the problem.

It could anyway be a try for you to keep the music app front most.
Don´t know which music app you are using.
There are some out there with “prevent phone from sleeping” permission. I believe this could be a key option when having music played while the phone is locked.

Unfortunately I don´t have any further idea what could be done.

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