Bluetooth is not working properly in Mercedes Comand system

Hi there,
i found a two new issues: sorry for posting all few hours an new topic but now i´m in testing mode ;-), the bluetooth on the FP2 is not working properly with the mercedes Comand system. telephone partners don´t even get a complete sentence from my voice because the voice was interrupted every few seconds.

also the data service from the command is interrupted every few seconds, but this is not relevant for me now.

i read that there are some others who have similar problems with jam box etc. but not with Comand system. - so, there is no way to use it in the vehicle.

Don’t be, it’s much easier for the forum community to answer single questions in separate threads than a single thread for all of them.

But for now I think this is better preserved in the FP2 Help category. If we find out it’s a bug I’ll move it again.

Hi, my FP2 has the same problem connecting to my Toyota Verso-S. I can hardly understand what’s being said. I tried the trick with switching to flight mode and back, and it seemed to be better.

I had no problem connecting it to the skoda superb handsfree…