Bluetooth headset Plantronics Voyager Legend support FP1U

My new bluetooth headset, Plantronics Voyager Legend, will not pair with FP1U, in fact it is not seen by the phone at all! The headset pairs flawlessly with my very old Nokia 6300 (kept for backup), and the Phone pairs with my Garmin Nüvi car navigator. So there is some bluetooth going on in both devices. I checked the specs and the headset supports HSP 1.2 while the FP1U supports HSP 1.1. Could this amount to the incompatibillity of the two devices? I would think there should be backward compatibility, but who knows.
I did a complete reset of the phone so everything is clean now, and still the headset is not seen. Any suggestions or opinions are welcome. I have searched the forum and support pages here, lots of bluetooth issues but none reports a complete unvisibillity.

I would suggest it’s the HSP 1.2 profile issue that is causing this. As the FP doesn’t support it, it is unlikely to work…

This article explains about bluetooth profiles:

Have you updated to the latest FP update already? If you have not sure what else to suggest unfortunately

Chris, thank you for your answer. Yes, I am running latest software, 1.8.7, and I read the article you refer to about bluetooth profiles - in fact that is how I found out about the HSP support, since you can not read this on the phone specs page. I now also found out that FP1 supports HFP v. 1.5 whereas the headset supports HFP 1.6.
As for the future, I noticed that there is an unofficial Android 4.4.4 update for fairphone out there. If and when (?!) there will be an official version, perhaps you could consider including HSP 1.2 support. Since my old Nokia 6300 released in 2007 can communicate with the headset, i find it very strange that FP1U can’t at all. Something must be fundamentally wrong with the bluetooth implementation in FP1U. I hope that this has been taken care of in the FP2, and I wish for a software update for FP1 that will remedy this issue…

You should direct this directly to Fairphone support, so they get aware of the need of this. The Fairphone team doesn’t read all post here, so sending a support request is the only way to make sure they know about this.

Hello, just a quick one to close this issue. It turned out that my phone had a hardware fault that caused problems with both wifi and bluetooth. After repair everything is working! Fairphone support were - dare I say it - extremely slow in answering my questions, to the point that I had all but given up. But in the end, that is when it was decided to send it in for repair, it was all done extremely quickly. I like my phone very much and now it actually does what it should… :slightly_smiling: